BLIK in Q3 2021: almost 200 million transactions and 8.6 million active users

BLIK in Q3 2021: almost 200 million transactions and 8.6 million active users

BLIK in Q3 2021: almost 200 million transactions and 8.6 million active users

Between July and August 2021 (mainly during holidays) account-based mobile payment system BLIK users completed nearly 200 million transactions that were almost PLN 27 billion worth. At the end of Q3 2021, BLIK was actively used by 8.6 million individuals. The most dynamic growth was observed in the volume of BLIK smartphone transfers as well as transactions at payment terminals.

The third quarter of the year, including two holiday months, brought excellent results for BLIK. Its users made 194 million transactions during that time. This is by 76% more than a year earlier. The total value of transactions increased by 80% to nearly PLN 27 billion.

As a rule, the majority of BLIK transactions are carried out in Polish and foreign e-commerce: the share of these transactions is currently 65.3%. In Q3 2021, BLIK payments were used to close 127 million online transactions. As many as 4.6 million of these purchases (4%) were settled by interna­tional payment operators. The value of online transactions reached PLN 15 billion, and the average value of a single purchase was PLN 118.

The BLIK phone transfers are the second most popular functionality, accounting for 16.5% of all transactions. In Q3, their number reached 32 million – it is 142% more than in the same period last year. The value of money transferred this way was nearly PLN 4 billion (almost three times more than a year earlier). The average BLIK transfer amounted to PLN 123.

It is not only the number of BLIK phone transfers that grows very fast, but also the number of people who use them. From quarter to quarter the share of P2P transactions in the total number of all transactions made with BLIK gets bigger. We believe that BLIK quick settlements can become a dominant way of transferring money between businesses as well as individuals,

says Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, CEO of Polski Standard Płatności, the operator of BLIK mobile payment system.

The number of transactions at traditional payment terminals increased to 25 million – it is the 108-percent growth year-on-year. Also, this is 13 percent of all BLIK transactions in the third quarter. Their value reached PLN 1.3 billion. The average value of payments at POSes is PLN 123.

As many as 11 million transactions were made through ATMs in the third quarter. The number of deposits and withdrawals increased year-on-year by 43%. Their value reached PLN 7 billion, and the average value of a single transaction was PLN 631. The share of operations performed at ATMs in relation to their total volume currently accounts for 5.5% of all BLIK transactions.

In Q3 2021, the users made (on average) nearly 2.1 million transactions with BLIK each day. On the best day of the quarter, 2.7 million transactions were recorded. The average amount of a BLIK transaction was PLN 133.


8.6 million people regularly BLIK

BLIK is currently available in practically all mobile apps of banks that are active on the Polish market. In Q3 2021, for instance, Bank Ochrony Środowiska and other cooperative banks (Bank Spółdzielczy) made BLIK available to their customers.

The number of active BLIK users (i.e. individuals who make at least one transaction each month, not including those who make P2P transfers only) was 8.6 million at the end of the third quarter of the year. This is 43% more than in 2020. It is also a good idea to compare this result with mobile banking apps and their users in Poland. At the end of Q3, according to data from banks, there were about 16.5 million of them. This means that more than half of the mobile banking users actively pay with BLIK.

BLIK is the most comprehensive payment system you can provide to bank customers. We are happy that so many of them already use BLIK on a regular basis. We will do anything we can to convince more people to do so. I am convinced that the widespread availability of contactless BLIK payments, launched at the beginning of November, will help us a lot to work towards this goal, Dariusz Mazurkiewicz concludes.

Starting from 09 November 2021, the customers of six banks (Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, ING Bank, mBank, PKO Bank Polski and Santander Bank Polska) can now make BLIK payments in contactless terminals both in Poland and around the world.


About BLIK

The BLIK - an account-based mobile payment system built and funded in Poland - enables Internet payments, as well as payments at POS terminals, cash withdrawals from ATMs and mobile P2P payments to be made. More than 3/4 of the transactions made with Blik are online payments, more than 9% are P2P transactions, slightly less are F2F transactions at terminals, and almost 7% are ATM withdrawals. BLIK has a dominant share of the mobile payments market in Poland.

Polski Standard Płatności (PSP) is BLIK’s operator. PSP was established in February 2015 by six Polish banks: PKO Bank Polski S.A., Alior Bank S.A., Bank Millennium S.A., ING Bank Śląski S.A., Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. (currently Santander Bank Polska S.A.) and mBank S.A. 16 banks are currently offering BLIK to their customers.

BLIK has won many prestigious awards, including the receipt of the title of FinTech of the Year in 2019 by and FinTech of the Year 2020 by Invest Cuffs, one of Europe’s largest congresses for investors.


For more information, please contact:

Marek Gieorgica

BLIK Press Office

M  +48 501 086 280


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