Summary of 2023 – almost 1.8 billion BLIK transactions and 3 million new users

From January to December 2023, the users of BLIK made almost 1.8 billion transactions of the value close to a quarter of a trillion PLN, while the number of transactions made since the system started has exceeded 4.5 billion of the value of PLN 614.4 billion. Over the past twelve months, the highest number of transactions was recorded in e-commerce – as many as 921 million, which means that every second BLIK transaction is carried out in this channel. In 2023, BLIK phone transfers were the second most popular BLIK service that, at the same time, recorded the most dynamic growth. Users made more than 415 million of these transactions, i.e. by 71% more than one year ago. At the end of December 2023, BLIK was actively used by 15.8 million people on a regular basis.

Black Weekend with BLIK - nearly 18 million transactions

Once again, sales associated with Black Friday and Cyber Monday attracted a significant number of customers. The attractive prices persuaded them to make purchases, and they willingly paid with BLIK - the most popular payment method in the e-commerce channel. Over the course of 4 days, between November 24th and 27th of this year, users conducted close to 18 million transactions through BLIK, amounting to nearly PLN 2.8 billion (EUR 645 million). Online shopping proved to be the most popular, with 13 million transactions in this channel, totalling PLN 2.1 billion (EUR 483 million). The highest number of payments was recorded on Black Friday, November 24, 2023.

Polish Mobile Payment System BLIK to Modernize and Expand into Romania and Slovakia with DXC Technology

DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, will support Polish Payment Standard (PSP) in the expansion of its mobile payment system, BLIK, into Romania and Slovakia.

BLIK keeps up the pace - nearly half a billion transactions in Q3 2023

BLIK closes Q3 2023 with growth across all channels. From July to September this year, the system's users made 455m transactions totalling PLN 63bn (EUR 14.3bn). Since the beginning of the year there have been as many as 1.3bn transactions with the total of PLN 171bn (EUR 38.9bn). BLIK is the most frequently used e-commerce payment method. The volume of BLIK phone transfers and payments at termi­nals also grows dynamically from quarter to quarter. In the analysed period, 227.9m, 109m and 101.7m operations were recorded in the aforementioned three channels, respectively.

BLIK Record - 1 Billion Transactions in Just 8 Months

BLIK - an innovative mobile payment method - continues to evolve, as evidenced by transaction results and a growing number of active users. From January to August 2023, they completed 1 billion transactions, setting a new record. This spectacular achievement underscores the system's growing popularity, dynamic progress, and its impact on the non-cash payment market.

Over 400 million BLIK transactions in Q2 2023

Between April and June 2023, BLIK users made 426 million transactions with a total value of PLN 57.9 bn (EUR 13 bn). By the end of Q2 2023, more than 14 million people were actively using this solution. In the analysed period, the most dynamic growth was recorded in the number of BLIK phone trans­fers – in Poland, this service was used as many as 100 million times. BLIK contactless payments also enjoyed increasing popularity among users, with 32.5 million of such payments made in Q2 2023 – twice more than in the corresponding period in 2022.