Increase your e-commerce sales. Why payments are crucial

Increase your e-commerce sales. Why payments are crucial

Increase your e-commerce sales. Why payments are crucial

Competition between retailers in the online market is on the way up. Today it is not just the price or just the product that determines the success of a store, but the customers and their experience. According to ECC Koln, an e-commerce consulting company, as much as 75% of e-consumers consider the payment process to be critical. Retailers providing popular payment methods, care about the consumer experience, increase conversion, and thus multiply profits.

According to the Baymard Institute, researching all aspects of the online user experiences, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 68%. At the same time, the study "Reasons for Cart Abandonment: Why 68% of Users Give Up Their Carts" shows that the complicated transaction process and the lack of various payment methods are among the top ten most common reasons for incomplete purchases. Experts point out that online stores lose customers at the last moment – when they are about to pay. The conclusions are clear: good payment process will increase sales.


Providing customers with their favourite payment methods

The availability of popular payment methods is of great importance for the development of online business. The customers are more satisfied when they can complete the purchase quickly and conveniently. As far as the e-commerce payment systems are concerned, Poles prefer BLIK – and use it most often. According to an SW Research study commissioned by Tpay, as many as 71% of respondents choose BLIK. Consequently, this payment method is far ahead of quick money transfers (37%) and cards (36%) in the ranking of Poles' preferences.

In addition, the data that describe the customers of PKO Bank Polski show that during last year's Black Week alone – one of the biggest holiday sales of the year – nearly 63% of all online transactions were made with BLIK. Thus, it exceeded the other methods of payment. At the time, a quick transfer (Pay by link) was used by 26% of e-customers, and only about 13% of them paid with a card.

The popularity of BLIK in e-commerce is also confirmed by the data of its operator, Polski Standard Płatności [Polish Payment Standard]. In the first three quarters of 2021, Poles completed nearly 363 m online transactions with BLIK. It is about 27% more than in the corresponding period of 2020. What’s more, this number grows constantly every quarter. The facts and figures leave no room for doubt: to meet customers' expectations, retailers should allow them to choose their favourite payment method. This way the consumer's feeling that the retailer cares about them and meets their expectations, will be built.


Security is as important to buyers as convenience

When e-shopping, consumers attach great importance not only to the quickness and convenience of the payments but also the security of transactions. They want their shopping experience to be smooth and uncomplicated. BLIK addresses these needs and provides the highest level of security, based primarily on a trusted mobile banking environment. When paying with BLIK, users do not enter any sensitive data online, which (if intercepted) could be used by cybercriminals. It is a great advantage of this system. The security provided by BLIK translates into greater consumer comfort and the willingness to complete the purchase.


E-shop cost-effectiveness

From the customer's perspective, the payment method at an e-store is cost-neutral. The retailer's point of view, however, is different. When the method of payment selected by the consumer is accepted, the retailer does not receive the due amount immediately. Payment is reduced by the fees agreed upon with an acquirer, i.e. a licensed payment service provider. As a result, the retailer does not receive the entire amount for which the goods are sold. Hence, it is obvious that it is in the interest of e-stores to optimize their fees. These expectations are met by BLIK, which has been a very attractive payment method for acquirers since its appearance on the market. This means that it is also more cost-effective for e-shops. In addition, BLIK is made available by virtually all acquirers operating in the e-commerce sector in Poland, so retailers can choose the one that offers them the best conditions. Moreover, BLIK is also provided by the largest global e-payment integrators. Also, please note that BLIK is available at all commercial banks in Poland, so each user of the banking mobile app can conveniently, safely and quickly pay with it at an online store.


Increased e-commerce conversions

The experience of BLIK shows that providing the option to pay with it online increases conversion, builds commitment to purchasing products, and ultimately multiplies the company's revenue. This is confirmed, for instance, by data from Breuninger, a leading provider of premium fashion and home goods. Within three months of enabling customers to pay with BLIK, the store had an increase in conversion by 21%. BLIK almost immediately became the dominant payment method. The customer involvement in the purchase of the product was strengthened, and the abandoned carts rate decreased by as much as 24%.

A positive impact on transactions is also exerted by making BLIK visible on the website and using it to shorten the payment procedure – this is what the leading Polish portal Interia did. After making it possible to enter the BLIK code directly on the Poczta Interia [Interia E-Mail] platform to pay bills, the cart abandonment rate decreased by 43%, and new user retention increased by 20 percentage points.

Anyone who sells goods online should bear in mind both the presentation of the offer and competitive prices and also the best experience of completing the transaction. If the e-shop is unable to meet the customers' demand, they will likely give up their purchases or choose another retailer.



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