BLIK transfer request now available at Bank Millennium

BLIK transfer request now available at Bank Millennium

BLIK transfer request now available at Bank Millennium

Settling accounts with friends or organising collections for a gift will be even easier thanks to Bank Millennium.  The Bank has made it possible for customers to use the BLIK Transfer Request service.

The first customers of Bank Millennium can already use the new option "Request for BLIK transfer". The solution allows you to easily remind to settle accounts with friends, e.g. for purchases that we made on their behalf, or for paying a bill in a restaurant! All you have to do is send a transfer request in the mobile application to a specific person and the amount you want to receive. Once your request is accepted within 72 hours, the money will be credited to your account. The solution is also perfect for other situations, e.g. a collection for a gift or asking for extra money by a child that went on vacation.   

We want our mobile application to be a convenient tool for managing everyday life, which is why we offer customers another service related to the popular BLIK payments. Our customers are very eager to use BLIK phone transfers available in the application and the number of such transactions is constantly growing. That is why we decided to expand this service with further possibilities. Requesting a BLIK transfer is a convenient option for people who like to spend time with friends. It happens that the bill in the restaurant or the gift drop becomes troublesome when you have to settle. Thanks to the new service in our application, such issues no longer have to be associated with discomfort

– says Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium.

Bank Millennium is the fourth entity on the Polish market that offered such a possibility to its clients. A BLIK transfer request can be sent to people who have an account in banks that provide this solution. Apart from Bank Millennium, these are currently also ING Bank Śląski, mBank and VeloBank. In April, the service will be enriched with the option of splitting the bill among several people. Bank Millennium together with Polski Standard Płatności is also working on the implementation of deferred payments. BLIK Płacę Później, as part of the pilot project, it was made available to a selected group of customers in September 2022. As part of its services, BLIK also offers convenient online and stationary payments (including contactless payments), transfers to a phone number, issuing electronic cheques and deposits and withdrawals from ATMs without a payment card. 

BLIK phone transfers are one of our fastest growing services. In 2022, users made 110 percent more transactions in this way than in 2021. Many of them are also Bank Millennium customers who appreciated this instant and safe way to send money. We are constantly developing our services and additional functions that will ensure even more convenient payments. This is what BLIK Transfer Requests are. A fast, convenient and very secure solution that greatly facilitates everyday settlements. I am convinced that Bank Millennium's customers will notice these benefits and will be happy to use it

- says Marcin Waldowski, Director of the Product Development Department at Polski Standard Płatności, the operator of the BLIK mobile payment system.

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BLIK is a common standard for mobile payments. Virtually every customer of domestic payment institutions offering a mobile application now has the possibility of using BLIK in mobile banking applications. Polski Standard Płatności (PSP) is responsible for the development of the system. PSP is constantly developing the capabilities of BLIK so that the system is as functional as possible for its users. The shareholders of PSP are: Alior Bank, Bank Millennium, Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski as well as Mastercard.

Bank Millennium is a nationwide modern bank, which offers its services to all market segments via a network of branches, a network of relationship managers as well as electronic banking. We use state-of-the-art technologies and draw on best banking tradition, successfully competing in all segments of the financial market.

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